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The Greatest Boston Sports Wins Of My Lifetime

The Red Sox added another notch to our Boston Sports Championship Belt when they capped off their dominant 2018 season with a gentleman’s sweep of the LA Dodgers. That made 11 championships for Boston Sports teams in my lifetime. You never think you’re gonna see one but then it happens and it’s the best feeling ever. Then after that one you never thing you’re gonna see another one. And somehow it happens agin and again and again. You begin to really appreciate them even more and you thank you’re lucky stars that you grew up in the Boston area and that you weren’t born in Cleveland or Detroit and you spent your prime sports fan years rooting for Tom Brady, David Ortiz, Paul Pierce, and Bill Belichick.

With all these championships comes a lot of memorable and unforgettable games. So today I thought I would talk about some of the most amazing, incredible games that have happened in my and our lifetime. This list is in no particular order. I cant choose my favorite. They’re all my favorite. Some questions just can't be answered.

Photo Courtesy of: David Butler II - USA Today Sports

Red Sox 2004 ALCS vs New York Yankees

We all know the story of the 2004 ALCS. It has been written about and talked about more than anything perhaps in sports history. The Sox winning championships has become the norm but back then we were the cursed franchise destined to always lose to our most hated rival, the New York Yankees. The Sox were down 0-3 and all we had to pin our hopes on was “The Greatest Comeback of All Time”. Somehow our prayers were answered. You cant separate games 4, 5, 6, 7 because it all felt like it happened without a break. Dave Roberts (who has had a big hand in two of the four Sox titles) had the steal and Bill Mueller tied and the comeback was on. Games 4 and 5 felt like they lasted for 42 hours each with Big Papi starting his legend with the walk off hits. Game 6 featured the greatest clutch pitching performance of my lifetime with Curt Schilling pitching 7 innings with the Bloody Sock. Game 7 was anti climatic as the roles were finally reversed and it was the Yankees and their fans who were wondering what the hell happened. Those four games pretty much ended the curse and we didn’t really have to play the World Series. Just an incredible four days.

Patriots vs Oakland Raiders AFC Divisional Round

This is one of my favorite games of all time. Its also known as the Snow Ball but ESPN and Patriot haters will call it The Tuck Rule Game. It was Brady’s first playoff game and Belichick pulled a Red Auerbach move by not having the tarp on the field so old Foxboro Stadium looked like a winter wonderland. The Pats were trailing 13-3 until Brady ran in the end zone to make it 13-10. The score stayed that way and then Brady was blindsided by his former Michigan teammate Charles Woodson and fumbled. All hope was lost but like I always say-its better to be lucky than good. People will complain about the call but that exact play was why the rule was put in place. The play was interpreted correctly. Don’t blame the call, blame the rule. The Pats got new life and Adam Vinatieri tied it with the greatest kick ever. Remember this was back in 2002 before high def tvs. I remember watching on my old big screen and losing the ball in the snow halfway. Then Greg Gumble said it was good and I ran around my house in celebration. The Pats won the coin toss and got the ball first in overtime and Brady showed us our future when we drove the Pats right down the field to set up Vinatieri for the game winning field goal. This is also the first of a few Pats games on this list. 

Super Bowl 36. Patriots vs St Louis Rams.

You never forget your first. This was everyone from my generations first championship. Its easy to forget now that the Pats have become the greatest dynasty ever but back then the Pats were the underdog. The Ty Law pick 6 to help shutdown the greatest show on turf. The Brady to David Patten touchdown before the half followed by U2 with the greatest halftime show ever. Brady with the one of the more iconic drives in Super Bowl history. And of course Vinatieri hitting the greatest kick in Super Bowl history. Hard to believe that this game might be the Patriots third most dramatic Super Bowl victory. Rams receiver said Ricky Prohl said before the game that tonight a dynasty will be born. Turned out he was right.

Celtics vs Los Angeles Lakers Game 4 2008 NBA Finals

Also known as The Comeback Game. I’ve written about this game a few times on this site but I’m always down to talk about this game. This was the game that basically sealed Banner 17 for the C’s. Down by as much as 24 and 21 at halftime and the Lakers looking poised to tie the series until Paul Pierce and Ray Allen put the team on their back and brought the team all the way back. Big shots by KG, James Posey, and Eddie House brought the Celtics to the brink of winning their first championship in 22 years. One of my all time favorite games.

Super Bowl 49. Patriots vs Seattle Seahawks

Perhaps the most evenly matched Super Bowl matchup of all time. The Seahawks trying to be the first team to back to back since the Patriots 10 years prior. The Pats trying to win their first Super Bowl since 2004. Oh and the two weeks before the game the insanity known as DeflateGate started. Tom Brady not only had to deal with that but he also had to face one of the best defenses ever that had destroyed Peyton Manning in the previous years Super Bowl. It was back and forth in the first half until the Seahawks took control in the third. The Pats were down 24-14 with 12:10 to go in the fourth quarter and then Brady played one of the greatest quarters of his career by going 13-15 and throwing two touchdowns. After Helmet Catch flashbacks, Malcom Butler made the greatest play in Super Bowl history to seal the deal for the Patriots and pretty much save my life. So thank you Malcom. I will always remember the good Super Bowl memories with you.

Super Bowl 51. Patriots vs Atlanta Falcons

Boston sports has seen its share of amazing comebacks but it might not get more amazing than this. We all know the story. The Pats were down 28-3 with about a quarter and a half to go. Then Brady went full God mode. James White became a bonafide Super Bowl and the Pats finally got a crazy Super Bowl catch to go their way. This game had the team dedicating the game to Brady’s mom who was battling cancer. It also marked the official end of DeflateGate as that rat Roger Goodell had to hand over the trophy to team and the player he tried to railroad and screw over. Can you tell I’m still not over the injustice that was DeflateGate? Not gonna lie, I watch highlights of this game perhaps once a week on Youtube. 

So there you have it. Thats a rough list of the some the greatest, most dramatic Boston wins of my lifetime. Did I miss any? Probably. I’m sure I forgot a few Bruins games but I’m not much a hockey guy so sue me. Maybe one day I’ll write about the worst Boston losses of my lifetime but I’m trying live a positive lifestyle and don’t want to drown in negativity. This was a fun look back and you better believe there will be many dramatic wins in the future for Boston sports. 

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