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Celtics Tribute Videos

Gordon Hayward made his return to Utah last with much fanfare. He famously made his decision to leave Utah and join the Celtics on the Fourth Of July and then sadly broke his ankle on opening night so Jazz fans had to wait two years for Hayward to come back. Surprisingly they booed him during introductions and every time he touched the ball. I was surprised because it wasn’t like he went to a western conference rival, he just went to the best situation for him. But Gordon got his tribute video and he did get some applause from the fans of the team that drafted him and watched him become the player he is today.
Image Courtesy of:  Spenser Heaps, Deseret News

Players change teams almost as much as I change underwear nowadays so the tribute video has almost become played out. The tribute video should be saved for the truly legendary players that play for a team for a while and really makes a special impact there. There have been six big Celtics tribute videos in recent years. And no I’m not counting Kelly Olynk’s or my main man Eddie House’s. I’m talking about six key figures that were responsible for hanging Banner 17 up in the rafters in the Boston Garden. The starting five and the head coach.

Kendrick Perkins

I’m a big Perk guy. If he never got hurt in 2010 the Celtics win the championship and if he was never traded him in 2011 for Jeff Green, the Celtics probably win the championship too. I will swear by those two points for the rest of my life. Perk was the unsung hero of the starting five and this was early in the Tribute Video era so its not a surprise that he got the shortest video out of everyone on the list. His video hits on the classic Perk tropes. Dunks, block shots, and of course, him arguing with the refs. Perk was a great teammate and when he was traded it was the death of the Ubuntu Celtics. 

Ray Allen 

This was awkward. The wounds from Ray leaving were still fresh and time hasn’t healed those wounds. Ray made his return with Lebron and the Heat on a Sunday afternoon and prior to the game we found out that Rajon Rondo was out for the year with a torn ACL. Pierce and KG were carrying the team as best they could but they didn’t have any help. Jason Terry, who was supposed to be Ray’s replacement, was better suited for the YMCA league than the NBA. Ray’s tribute came and went and it really made no impact. Sadly, Ray will probably never get the homecoming that he deserves here but thats what happens when you go to the enemy.

Rajon Rondo 

I’m a Rondo guy forever. One of my all time favorite basketball players and the most unique player I ever got to follow. By the time Rondo’s tribute came, the Celts were pros at this. The music was spot on. All the great Rondo highlights were there. The no look dimes, the crazy dribbles, him trying to sneak in the Heats huddle and pestering Lebron. Of course it had the moment when that dirtbag Dwayne Wade busted up his elbow and Rondo came back and played with his arm dangling by his side. The highlight of the video for me is the behind the back pass to Tony Allen to avoid the Lebron chase down block which came in Rondo’s greatest game of his career. Game 4 of the eastern semis with the Celtics down 2-1 and Rondo pulled off a 29 point, 18 rebound, and 13 assists effort. Thats the type of game that only Wilt Chamberlin could pull off.

Doc Rivers 

My thoughts on Doc are well known. He couldn’t get away fast enough from the team as another rebuild was about to happen and he kept flip flopping on it. If I had went to his first game back I probably would’ve boo’d him but I’m a sucker for a well done tribute video. This showed Doc when he first got hired and him with Red Auerbach. Doc went through some really lean years here and he was rewarded with KG and Ray Allen. Doc was the perfect coach for those teams and the goosebumps moment of the video was him hugging Pierce and Garnett and his family and getting the first and only NBA championship gatorade bath. In the end, I’m glad Doc got his video.

Kevin Garnett 

Other than Tom Brady, KG has provided the most fun for me as an athlete to follow. His video just makes me smile the whole time. Its the whole KG experience wrapped up in little over a minute. The dunks, the screaming, the defense, the swearing, the chest pumping. It is amazing. My favorite part of the video is around the 1 minute mark. Its a blink and you’ll miss clip of him and Paul Pierce hugging. I don’t know what game it happened but it was probably a random game in January and those two dudes love winning so much they just embraced like it was the championship. I’ve never see a play light a city on fire the way KG did when he came here. KG was built for Boston and Boston was built for him.

Paul Pierce 

You want a surefire way to get BJ Shea emotional? Show him the Paul Pierce tribute video. Gets me every single time I watch it and I’ve probably watched it 800764738 times. The P. Diddy “Coming Home” song is perfect. It shows early Pierce when he was the brash, clutch, hot shot scorer teaming with Antione Walker. It shows his off the court work with charities and kids that no matter he always did even when the team was struggling. Then it showed when he officially became one of the great Celtics of all time when he finally became a champion. The ovation after seemed like it lasted 34 minutes. There was no point in playing the rest of the game. The love the city of Boston has for Paul Pierce is amazing. Tom Brady stepped on the field and was pretty much perfect right away. Pierce we saw grow up and become a man. He was young and cocky. We almost saw him die when he got stabbed. He came back and was great. He became a selfish player and was almost traded. Then he became a champion. The story of Paul Pierce is Boston is one that should be told forever. He is The Truth.

So there we are. Any type of tribute video, wether it be fan made or team made, gets me every time. I will start watching videos on youtube in the afternoon and then next thing I know its dark outside and its dinner time. Nothing like a good tribute video to really give you goosebumps.

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