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The Best Quotes From Celtics Media Day

There was only one thing that kept me sane on Monday after the Pats stink bomb in Detroit. One that thing that kept me from crawling under my bed and curling up in the fetal position. One thing that kept me distracted from Brady/Belichick/Gronk drama. That one thing was Celtics Media Day.

Media Day for any NBA team is basically just a class picture day. Everyone wears their uniform and dribbles a basketball around while getting their picture taken. In addition to that, it is also really the first time the media gets get to talk to the players. Thus why its called “media day”. Sometimes we can learn nothing from this. Players can come in and give stock answers about how they’re excited for the season and blah blah blah. However, the quotes coming out Celtics Media Day felt different. This is an exciting year for Celtics fans. Monday gave us the chance to hear from everyone about the return of Gordon Hayward and Kyrie Irving and see them all in uniform together. So today I thought we could go over some of the best quotes that came out of media for the Celtics.

“He calmed down and now he’s coming back this summer he’s got that like ‘I’m the man’ look. He’s been killing.”
That was Terry Rozier on Jayson Tatum. Just from looking at Tatum, it looks like he's put on some muscle. He looks bigger physically and he’s gonna need it play more in the post this year. With an expected lineup of Kyrie, Hayward, Jaylen Brown, Tatum, and Al Hortford I expect either Brown or Tatum to guard most 4s down low and you’re gonna beed some beef on you to do that. I’m also extremely high on Tatum and am on record saying that he will be our best player sooner rather than later so hearing that he has that “I’m the man” about him has me impossibly excited. Come playoff time, I expect him to be our second option down the stretch.

“I think I saw he was the 20th best player or something like that? Obviously, that’s not true. At least in my opinion, top 5. He’s special, man.”
That is Marcus Morris on Kyrie. While I think Tatum will soon be the best guy on the Celtics, this is still Kyrie’s team. He’s going to have the ball in his hands most of the time, he’s going to make most of the decisions, and he’ll take all the big shots in crunch time. You want the other players to know their roles and who the alpha dog of the team is. That comment by Morris shows they know Kyrie is THE MAN and they are going to look to their leader in the tough moments.

“It’s one of the highest levels I’ve been part of just because of the amount of talent that we have around us. Our pickups have been unbelievable. If any cameras ever got a shot in there, it would be like, ‘This is pretty close to a game.'”
This is Kyrie telling us what we already know. That the Celtics are loaded with talented players. Players on the bench like Rozier, Marcus Smart, Morris, and Aron Baynes would be starters on most teams. Also Kyrie played on a few USA basketball teams that loaded with NBA all stars and MVP candidates and Kyrie is basically saying that the Celtics have that type of talent and the pickup games are comparable to that.

“A blind person can see that we have a lot talent.”
Short and sweet and to the point by Marcus Morris. Piggybacks on Kyrie’s comments about the talent the Celtics have. Been awhile since a Celtic team was this loaded. 2008 and 1986 are probably the best comparisons talent wise. Those two team are two of the best teams in NBA history. Remains to be seen what this Celtics team becomes.

“Boston has never been better than us”
This came from Wizards Media Day and it came from Marcus Morris’s twin brother Markieff. Clearly Marcus has the brains of the two. The Celtics beat the Wizards two years ago in the playoffs and the Wizards were an 8 seed last year. This quote just made me laugh out loud when I saw it.

“There are times where I think about having # 11 in the [Boston] rafters hopefully one day. That’s the dream”
Now either Kyrie is blowing smoke up my butt or he really means it. I’m a sucker for a star player talking about Celtics history. Kyrie waxed poetic on the fans and Celtics history and Bill Russell and then dropped this little nugget. Kyrie was there when Paul Pierce got his number retired and he probably felt the love that the fans showed Pierce and decided he wanted that one day for himself. We will hear about Kyrie and the Knicks and Nets all year and thats just part of the NBA. For some reason people think the Knicks are appealing franchise to play for. The Knicks are a joke. Kyrie knows that Boston is the best place for him to win and become a legend. Celtic Pride always wins.

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