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Fantasy Baseball All Bust Team 2018

Some guys are constant. Some guys were breakthroughs. But unfortunately for some of our fantasy teams, we had busts. Here are the top 10 busts from a fantasy perspective for 2018.

10. Bryce Harper - It is really hard to call someone whose hit 34 home runs and has batted in nearly 100 runs a bust. However, that .247 average is just not okay. It is not okay when you were drafted top 5 in almost all drafts. Its not okay when you are supposed to be in the top 3 of your position in the game. And its not okay when your one of the faces of baseball. Yes the power and RBI's are great, but imagine how much greater they would be if he just batted .275?

9. Clayton Kershaw - 2.45 ERA. And we are calling that a bust? Well yeah. It is Clayton Kershaw. He missed a chunk of time from injury and only has 8 wins. EIGHT! Kershaw has had at least double digit wins every single year since 2009. Yes his ERA is still shiny and pretty, but when your talking about the first pitcher off the board, 8 wins just does not cut it.

8. Charlie Blackmon - Charlie Blackmon received a lot of love after last season, and rightfully so. He gave you stats all over the board.  In 2017 he launched 37 home runs and batted in 104 while batting lead-off. Everyone expected those numbers to jump even more as he was dropped into the heart of the lineup, but instead Blackmon has experienced a down year. His 37/104 turned into 27/65. Very disappointing when compared to just a year ago.

7. Byron Buxton - Yikes. Here is a guy that was a top prospect for years, but every time he got a call-up, he fizzled out. Then in the second half of last year it appeared Buxton finally figured it out to the tune of a final slash line of a .253 average, 51RBI's, 16 home runs, and 29 steals (only caught once!). He was picked by many to be a breakout candidate this year, but instead, he just broke apart again. He was demoted once again and currently has an anemic .156 average and not a single home run. It sadly appears, Byron Buxton may not just be a bust this year, but just a bust in general.

6. Yoenis Cespedes - One thing I will never understand, are athletes who are just pure muscle and never can stay healthy. Alla, Yasiel Puig and Rob Gronkowski. Per his usual, Yoenis looked like a wrecking ball in Spring Training, making him a hot commodity in Fantasy Drafts, and also per his usual, he got hurt again. Not only missing almost all of this year with surgery to both feet, but it appears his recovery will last into next year. On the bright side, maybe next year he can be a sleeper. Maybe these guys just aren't pliable enough....

5. Chris Archer - Chris Archer has progressively got worse every season since 2013. Yet every season someone somewhere is adamant that "this is the year!" He has the strikeout stuff, but just cannot put it together. In these past 5 seasons we have seen his ERA spike from 3.23 to now a 4.66. His strikeouts per 9 innings finally took a dip this season too after a steady increase through 5 years. He is also on pace for his lowest inning total since his rookie year. Another year drafted to be a head of the rotation guy, another year fizzling out.

4. Corey Knebel - Kenley Jansen, Aroldis Chapman, Craig Kimbrel, and Corey Knebel? Yes. That was the top 4 closers in most drafts. After bursting onto the scene in 2017, and having a much better team in Milwaukee this season, Core Knebel was up there in the top tier of closers. Unfortunately, Knebel will be ending the season, far away from that tier. Under-performed. Injured. Demoted. Lost closer role. Anything that could have went wrong for Knebel, did. And if he was your number one closer selection, it was a very tough blow. Bust indeed.

3. Kris Bryant - Where has all the power gone? Yes he was hurt for a chunk of the year, but only 12 home runs through 93 games is shocking. Especially after his 39 home run campaign two years ago. Thankfully for Kris, he is still young. and his potential is still through the roof, but typically he was a first round pick in drafts this season and the return was far from a first round pick. There is no easy way to say it, Bryant was a bust.

2. Miguel Sano - The man was demoted all the way to Single A ball. Isn't that enough to call him a bust? No? Then how about his 13 home runs after hitting 53 the two seasons before and his current .199 average. Yikes. What a fall for Miguel Sano.

1. Gary Sanchez - Talking about falls. Gary Sanchez went from future middle of the lineup, catcher for the next decade, power bat, to a lazy, swing and miss, won't ever hustle, shell of himself. The change has been drastic. I still whole heartily believe Gary Sanchez is a good catcher. He without a doubt has the arm. Just an absolute cannon.  But when you watch him behind the plate he is just flat out lazy. He does not want to do the dirty work catchers should be doing. And when you watch him at the plate, its just as ugly. Now batting UNDER .190, it has been a disaster of a season. I think the catching woes can change with effort, but the drastic drop off at the plate is beyond worrisome. Just two years ago in his rookie season, he hit 20 taters in only 53 games and practically stole Rookie of the Year honors because of it. Then in his first full season last year he hit 33. He has 16 this year but the biggest red flag is the average. Even with his power last year, he posted a very respectable .278 average. Now in 2018, he is closing in on season's end batting .187. Just a massive disappointment and the winner of Biggest Bust. Congratulations El Gary.

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