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New England Patriots: Age Of Brady

The New England Patriots are always the biggest topic in Boston. Doesn’t matter if it’s in season or off season or if the Red Sox are the best team in baseball. If Tom Brady ends a radio interview early then that is the number one topic around the Boston sports scene. Avengers: Infinity War was the biggest movie of this past summer. Ten years of interconnected super hero movies culminated in an epic battle pitting the Avengers vs Thanos and his quest to destroy half of the universe.

What do these two things have in common? Well they are two of my favorite things on planet Earth and I figured I could pair a New England Patriots player with their corresponding Avenger. Being a Pats nerd and super hero nerd so  it’s safe to say I’ve thought about this type of stuff a lot. Let’s go. Also, spoilers I guess for the movies.

Bill Belichick as Nick Fury

The man who put the Patriots together is the man who put the Avengers together. Both are insanely secretive men who always believe they are doing the right thing. Belichick is secretive when it comes to trades and injuries while Fury has secrets such as “three fully armed Hellicaries that can wipe out threats before they happen” and “we’re using old Hydra weapons to make bigger and better ones behind everyone’s back.” Fury would’ve definitely traded Jimmy G out of the blue and never really given a good reason. He’s one of the guys to know that Phil Coulson is still alive. They both also have distinctive clothing choice that they are known for. Fury has the eyepatch while Belichick has, of course, the hoodie.

Tom Brady as Captain America

Probably the easiest one. Brady is the golden boy and real life American hero while Cap is the same in the Marvel Universe. Brady waiting till the 6th round before he was drafted while Cap was frozen in ice for decades before he came out to save the day. Both have pinpoint accuracy, Brady will put the ball wherever he wants it while Cap can throw his mighty shield right off your face and have it bounce right back to him. Both were once super skinny. The body types of shirtless TB12 at the combine and young Steve Rogers look awfully familiar. Both have workouts that really only work for them it seems like. Brady does his resistance bands to keep him body pliable while Cap was injected with the only perfect form of the super soldier serum. Both of are the leaders of their respective teams and everyone takes their cues from them.

Rob Gronkowski as The Hulk

Gronk is the Hulk if Bruce Banner always kept the Hulk persona going. Gronk is Gronk ALL the time. He’s a beast on and off the field. Once he gets going he can’t be stopped. It takes about five people to bring down the beast. Tony Stark has to build a whole new HulkBuster suit to stop the Hulk and he just barely stopped him. The Hulk can rip through a alien army like paper just like how Gronk destroys the Steelers. Once either beast is unleashed, the team is unstoppable. Although I would’ve liked Gronk’s chances against Thanos better than the Hulk’s.

Dont’a Hightower as Thor

Thor was a tough one to find a comparison for but I think Hightower is perfect. Hightower brings the hammer on defense by controlling the middle while Thor literally brings the hammer for The Avengers. The Pats are a different team on defense when Hightower is healthy and playing. Just look at the difference between the last two Super Bowls for the Patriots if you don’t believe me. In Infinity War, Thanos’s alien army was starting to wear down The Avengers. Cap and Black Panther and Bruce Banner we’re starting to become overrun and than that Bifrost Bridge opened up and Thor brought the lighting and the thunder and chucked that axe hammer around and totally turned the tide. If only a similar situation happened against the Eagles while Nick Foles was running up and down the field and Hightower saved us. Ugh.

Julian Edelman as Bucky.

Bucky aka The Winter Soldier is Captain America’s best friend. Cap would move heaven and earth for his best friend as we saw in Civil War when Cap became a war criminal basically and took on The Avengers just to clear his best friends name. Julian is Brady’s best friend. On third down, you know where Brady is going with the football. He’s Mr. Reliable for Brady and the Pats. Bucky has that metal, cybernetic arm so it remains to be seen if Edelman’s surgically repaired knee will enhance his game like Buck’s arm has enhanced his fighting skills. Let’s hope so.

Robert Kraft as Tony Stark

  Bear with me here. Kraft isn’t the funny, charming guy that Tony Stark is obviously so their similarities come down to one thing- money. They are both the richest guys around. Instead of building suits like Stark, Kraft is building a football stadium and building all around and expanding Patriots Place. Tony has his Iron Man suits while Kraft rocks the white collar dress shirt and Air Force Ones better than anybody. Tony Stark pays for everything and makes everyone look cool for The Avengers and so does Kraft.

James White as The Falcon

The Falcon is Cap’s other best friend. Falcon is always down to ride for Cap no matter what. Falcon will do whatever Cap says. He’s Cap’s security blanket. So is James White. If Gronk or Edelman isn’t open then Brady is going to Jame White. Jimmy White could’ve been Super Bowl MVP When Cap was on the run from Shield in The Winter Soldier, Cap went to Falcon’s house. When in doubt Brady looks for White.

So there we go. The New England Patriots: Infinity War. Is Gisele the Black Widow? Chris Hogan as Spider-Man? Devin Mccourty and Duron Harmon as Rocket Racoon and Groot? Roger Godell as Thanos???? As I always say my mind is filled Boston Sports and comic book nerd stuff. About time I can finally combine the two.

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