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Your 2018 Fantasy All Star Teams

I feel like I am one of the few remaining people who still truly love the All Star Game. I can't even explain why, I just do. Maybe it is because baseball has always been my favorite sport, so seeing the best in the game on the field at one time is awesome. Or maybe it is because I can remember all the way back to being a small child and stopping whatever I was doing to sit with my dad to watch the Home Run Derby and All Star Game. I can even remember being on a family vacation in New Hampshire and much to my mothers chagrin, we stayed in the hotel room one night because the All Star Game was on. Matter of fact, it was Cal Ripken Jr's last All Star Game. I still remember laughing with my dad as Tommy Lasorda tumbled over by a bat that came flying out of Vladimir Guerrero's hands. And of course I still remember the rocket (that was gifted to him...) that Ripken ripped over the left field wall in Seattle. The All Star Game is fun. You know what else is? Fantasy Baseball. So what would this years Fantasy Baseball's All Star team look like in comparison to what the fans and players (*eye roll*) voted into the real mid-summer classic. Well I am glad you asked.

American League

C - Evan Gattis - While Wilson Ramos deservedly got the nod in real life, Gattis takes the cake in the fantasy world because of his raw power. Gattis has put up a very strong first half to the tune of 18 home runs and 62RBI's and while he really is not a catcher anymore in real life, he is in fantasy baseball, and that is what matters here.

1B - Juriskson Profar - Come again? I have to admit, I myself was shocked to see Profar come in as the AL's highest scoring first basemen in the American League. He does not man the corner often, but has enough to gain the eligibility in leagues. What is even more shocking, is how down the American League is as a whole at first base. Do you know how many National League first basemen come in before we finally hit Profar? 8. 8 National League first basemen are better than the top point getter in the American League. That is wild. I told you earlier this year that the power corner was no more...

2B - Jose Altuve - While technically this nod could go to Jose Ramirez because of his eligibility at second and third, we will save his spot for the hot corner (spoiler alert). Altuve takes the cake instead just as he did in real life. While Altuve's power numbers are down from a year ago, and I think we all kind of expected that, everything else is still Altuve-esque. .335 average, 23 doubles, 13 steals and almost 90 singles. The man just flat out hits.

3B - Jose Ramirez - Kind of saw that one coming, didn't you? My word, what a player Jose Ramirez has turned into. He has gone from a utility player to an MVP candidate. Most surprising this year is his power. He has already blasted 25 home runs putting him on an easy pace of over 40 home runs by seasons end. Safe to say nobody saw that kind of power surge coming. But that's not all he does. He has nearly a .300 average, 60RBI's, and 61 runs scored.

SS - Francisco Lindor - What a 1-2 punch he and Ramirez has become huh? Lindor has been phenomenal and he too, can be considered an MVP candidate. He has hit 24 home runs himself to go along with 59 RBI's and 80 runs scored. However, the most surprising thing from the shortstop position is who would technically fall in second to Lindor. One would think Manny Machado, but actually, again thanks to eligibility, that spot would go to Alex Bregman. How about that?

OF - Mike Trout - Well duh.

OF - Mookie Betts - Remember Bett's disappointing 2017 season? And then remember in your fantasy draft when he fell a little because of that 2017 season? Well oh boy, to those who were the ones to finally say he has dropped enough and pulled the trigger, hats off to you. All he does is hit. Hit, hit, hit, hit, hit. Betts has been a machine this season and sits even above Altuve in average with a current .346 average. Then you just casually throw in his 22 home runs, 44 RBI's, and 16 steals and you are sitting pretty my friends.

OF - JD Martinez - Keeping it in Boston with JD Martinez. I personally felt Martinez was not worth the money considering he was once DFA'd and injury prone. I also didn't think he would come close to the numbers he put up last year. I was right. He won't. At this rate, he will blow by those numbers. JD leads the league in home runs and already has 77 RBI's. We are not even at the All Star break yet... If you paid the price for Martinez, my word are you cashing in.

SP - Justin Verlander - Fantasy point wise, Verlander checks in better than Luis Severino by a measly 3 points. In real life, I would give the nod to Severino to start the game to show respect to his 14-2 record. What a season thus far for Sevy.

National League

C - J.T. Realmuto - Wilson Contreras is having a fine year, but Realmuto's is better, in real life and for fantasy purposes. These are the things that happens when fans vote and to them it is a popularity contest, and I think we all can agree the Cubs are more popular than the Marlins. For stat comparison, Contreras has hit 7 homers, to go with 34RBI's and a .279 average. Great numbers to get out of the catcher spot. However, Realmuto, playing on a deplorable ball club has mashed his way to 12 homers, 44RBI's, and a .317 average. His numbers are just better and is the clear cut best catcher this season thus far.

1B - Freddie Freeman - What a year for Freeman and for Atlanta as a whole as they lead the NL East. Freeman has been on fire from Opening Day until now. He has been a staple in the Braves lineup, and a leader among the youth of Albies and Acuna. Freeman has hit for a .312 average, with 16 long balls, and 59RBI's, but what I find most impressive, is his .404OBP. Also, a little tidbit, remember how awful Paul Goldschmidt was for the first few months of the season? Well he has been so hot of late, that he actually comes in second to Freddie Freeman currently in fantasy points at the first base position. How about that? I told y'all he would hit...

2B - Ozzie Albies - Another guy that I told you all earlier would be a stud, and he has done nothing to disappoint. Instead he has shown more power and the ability to recover from a slump. Ozzie dropped down to a .249 average earlier in the season, but has recovered nicely and sits with a respectable .285 right now. All young players will slump, but only some will show the ability to bounce back, so seeing the response from Ozzie is fantastic. Oh, and so are the 18 home runs.

3B - Nolan Arenado - Another year. Another fine campaign from Arenado. What is there to say? He is a year in, year out stud, who still does not get nearly the respect and publicity he deserves because he plays in Colorado. Already 100 hits, 23 of which are long balls, 64 RBI's and again hitting over .300. Love me some Nolan Arenado.

SS - Javier Baez - I must admit, I never could picture Baez being more than a super utility player with a power bat accompanied by a lot of holes in his swings. But boy, has he matured this season. Baez is batting nearly 40 points above his career average of .263. With that though, he has continued to show the pop he always had with 17 long balls. He has earned his All Star position next week in Washington D.C., and in the fantasy community.

OF - Nick Markakis - Good for Nick Markakis. Seriously. What a story. Almost 2000 games played before being elected to his first All Star Game. The most ever by any player before getting the nod. It shows his spot in the starting lineup is deserved by also being the highest National League scoring fantasy outfielder so far this year. He has put together an all around strong season stuffing all categories and sitting with a .324/390/493 slash line. Bravo.

OF - Bryce Harper - I have personally given Bryce Harper a TON of flack, but you know what, just because he finds himself starting in RF next week, and checking in as the second highest scoring National League outfielder, it does not mean I will retract the flack I have fired out. Overall, he is the eighth highest fantasy scoring outfielder, and for who he is, and the hype that surrounds him, he has to be higher. To get higher and can start hitting better than the .214 that he is. That is putrid. I understand the power is there with the 22 long balls, but imagine how much more valuable, and probably how much better the Nationals would be, if he did more than just hit home runs. At least give us .250? Come on Bryce.

OF - Charlie Blackmon - Matt Kemp got the nod in real life, and rightfully so, as his entire season has come out of the blue (no pun intended). However, as expected, in the fantasy world Charlie Blackmon is right near the top. Another guy that does a little bit of everything. Power, contact, shoot the gaps, speed. You name it, he can do it. His average could be a little prettier, considering what we are used to, but with everything else Blackmon brings to the table, you can live with the .277 average.

SP - Max Scherzer - Best National League pitcher by far. His home ballpark. Give him the ball to start the All Star Game

Honorable Mention - Blake Snell - I have to mention Blake Snell, because this may be the most outrageous All Star snub in our lifetime. Leads the league in ERA which is in my opinion, a true marker on how good a pitcher is. 12-4 with a 2.09 ERA and he is currently slated to watch the game from his couch. Please, for the love of god, someone just fake an injury so Snell can be elected as he should have originally.

**These selections were drawn using fantasy point totals from**

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