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I See Trades in the Future

Ahhhh, it sure feels good to return to writing about baseball…

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We are a week away from the MLB non-waiver trade deadline.  I for one am very excited.  I love this time of the baseball season.  My buddies and I play fantasy baseball every year.  Major shout out to the boys in the Golden Pony Fantasy Baseball Experience.  It is a pretty competitive league that always has a ton of trades.  It is safe to say that we wheel and deal in the Golden Pony fantasy league.  Some deal more than others and I arguably make the most trades.  It may be my favorite aspect of fantasy baseball.  I enjoy the negotiation, the back and forth and completing a deal.  I’m always on the look out to improve the Fantasy TrapSTARS.  That is my team’s name, it has been my team’s name since the league started, and it may be the greatest team name ever.  Members of the league will tell you that I clearly love making trades so it is only natural that I love the MLB trading season. 

General Managers and front offices around the major leagues are getting together to try and make deals to better their franchises.   The folks who are more familiar with BSoT, and my articles in particular have already read (hopefully enjoyed) an article on the trade deadline from a Red Sox perspective.  This is a little different.  Given that the deadline is so close I wanted to put my predictions out to the masses.  In my older BSoT piece I threw out names that could be available without really giving any of my specific predictions.  Now it’s time to test out my baseball trade prediction ESP. 

It wasn’t easy to come up with my wizard nickname.  I’m actually not even sure wizards tell fortunes or predict the future in general.  I toyed around with Mattradamus but decided against it.  It didn’t really have a great ring to it.  When said out loud it kind of sounds like you’re saying “mattress-damus.”  I did like the Nostradamus reference though so I also thought about Desrosieradamus.  But let’s be real my last name is hard enough to spell and say as it is, just ask my new bride.  Never mind adding “radamus” to it.  If you’re going to be a well known wizard you have to have a marketable name.  For a slight moment in time I was thinking about Matty D the Powerful.  Despite being an awesome nickname, I couldn’t use it.   It will for sure be my rap name if that ever happens. After a lot of brainstorming I decided to go with Gandolph, pretty original I know.

I am not a baseball insider but I have done my research.  I think I can predict some of the trades that will take place over the next week.  So here is the game… I will list players being rumored to be on the trade block and try and guess where they will end up come August 1st.  I get one point if the mentioned player goes to the right team and one additional point for every correct prospect mentioned.  Is it weird that I am a little nervous?  Here we go.

This is Boston Sports on Tap and our local teams are our specialty.  No better place to start than with the trades I think the Red Sox will make.

1. Sam Travis, Jalen Beeks, Darwinzon Hernandez and Blake Swihart for Fernando Rodney and Brian Dozier.
The Sox biggest need is relief help.  Unfortunately they do not have the farm system to get the best available.  They already lost out of Kelvin Herrera, Brad Hand, and Jeurys Familia and I do not believe they will be able to acquire Zach Britton.  His prediction is still to come.  Also remember Dave D tends to over pay whenever he makes a trade.  Dozier would just be a high end rental to add to the already dominate offense.  Dozier also has a tendency to go on incredible hot streaks in the second half.  

2. Josh Ockimey for Joakim Soria. 
Again the Red Sox need relief pitching but they won’t have the ability to get high end arms so I see them settling on the secondary market.  Soria is having a solid season for the White Sox.

Boston could also make a play for the Tiger’s Mike Fiers.  If you’re a Red Sox fan you don’t want them to do this trade because it will surely be an over-payment.  *Bonus prediction* Boston will take a chance and sign free agent and former closer Trevor Rosenthal.   

Now let me continue with my predictions.  Remember one point for every correct destination and one more point for every prospect that matches the deal.  I’m serious about keeping score.

3. Zach Britton to the Houston Astros for Yordan Alvarez and Cionel Perez.
It is being said that the Astros are ready to unleash a full court press for a top notch relief pitcher.  He is the best closer available.  Houston knows that they could have a dynasty on their hands.  After missing out on the other relief pitchers, I expect the Astros to win this bidding war. 

4. Mike Moustakas to the Milwaukee Brewers for Kodi Medeiros and Maurico Dubon.
The Brew Crew are in the market for some offensive improvements.  Milwaukee has a deep farm system and can meet the Royals price for the Moose.

5. Sonny Gray to the Milwaukee Brewers for Corbin Burnes and Brett Phillips. 
Why would the Yankees trade a starting pitcher?  Because they can and will use their very deep minor league system to restock their rotation and Sonny Grey has been a disaster for the Bombers.

6. Zack Wheeler to the New York Yankees for Chance Adams, Dillon Tate and Billy Mckinney
New York will probably make a smaller trade for another starter as well.  You can absolutely expect the Yankees to make calls to the Mets again in the winter to try and acquire a big fish.  Noah Syndergaard and/or Jacob deGrom are the big fish that comes to mind.  However, I do not believe either pitcher will be traded before next week’s deadline.  Elite aces usually get traded during the off-season, ala Chris Sale.

7. Cole Hamels to the Philadelphia Phillies for Enyel De Los Santos and Spencer Howard
The Texas Rangers will probably have to eat some of Hamels big contract if they want to get better prospects back in a deal.  Philadelphia sits atop the NL East standings.  They may want to bring Hamels back home for the stretch run.

8. Dylan Bundy to the Oakland Athletics for Franklin Barreto and Logan Shore
Barreto would be a great return for the re building Baltimore Orioles, the team that just traded away their stud short stop.  Oakland wants to make a run at the playoffs and Billy Beane isn’t messing around.

9. Chris Archer to the Los Angeles Dodgers for Alex Verdugo, Dustin May, and Caleb Ferguson.
Archer wants out of Tampa in the worst way.  If the Rays want to get the most for him they may want to move him to the contending Dodgers.

10. Mike Fiers to the Seattle Mariners for Nick Rumbelow
Seattle is trying to hold onto the last wildcard spot.  Jerry Depoto is always looking to make moves, and I can see the Mariners try and boost their rotation

11. **Another BONUS prediction** Bryce Harper to the Chicago Cubs for Ian Happ and a handful of other prospects.
Maybe the sinking Nationals decide to ship off their star?  Ok, I don’t believe this will happen even for a second.  That may have been pretty obvious when I did not even take time to look up prospects.  I actually think that the Nationals will re-sign the superstar when he hits free agency this offseason.  If this did happen I would look like an actual wizard.  Washington will not be trading Harper but it would be pretty cool if they did.

Okay…now it is time to wait.  Just sit back and watch the madness around the trade deadline.  Next week the deadline will come and go and I will be able to tally up my prediction score.  This is my chance to put my wizard like future telling skills to the test.  Betcha I get some right, Gandolph out…

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