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For the Love of the Game...the Video Game

Disney World is certainly a magical place.  The wife and I are enjoying a trip down to Disney for our honeymoon.  We’ve done so much.  We drank around the world in Epcot, went on Space Mountain and more...way more.  Being in Disney World, you got to just let yourself feel like a kid. It’s about trying new things and pushing the limits on fun.  Matter of fact, I’m wearing Mickey Mouse ears while writing this article.  Whether you’re screaming your head off on the Rock N Roller Coaster (I always look like a crazy man when I’m on roller coasters) or cruising around the safari in Animal Kingdom, you got to let go and enjoy.  The rigors of adult life can feel so daunting and sometimes it feels incredible to just hideaway and unwind.  Disney World isn’t the only way to let loose.  After all these years I still like to play video games from time to time.  Video games are an easy way to take a breather and have a little fun.  My favorite is the baseball game called, MLB The Show.

In March I purchased MLB The Show for the 1st time in a few years.  Back when I used to play regularly I typically played the game’s franchise mode.  “Doing the paperwork,” as a friend would always call it.  It was like doing paperwork because I wouldn’t PLAY the game, I would just simulate and act as the team’s GM.  I’d make trades, handle the minor league teams, sign free agents, that sort of stuff but I wouldn’t take any swings or throw any pitches.

Once again, I bought the game this year with the intention to do my normal routine.  A good buddy of mine would always talk to me about the Diamond Dynasty mode.  He would make it sound so much fun, so this season I finally decided to give it a try.  And to this day I still haven’t done any “paperwork”.
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Diamond Dynasty is the game mode where you create your own team (including my favorite part...customizing your uniforms). After you make your team, the goal is to try and build the best roster possible. You can accomplish this by obtaining players’ baseball cards.  Player cards are made up of active MLB players and former players too. The cool part about the players of the past is that their video game attributes reflect the real life stats of that player’s season.  Hit a ton of homers in a year, and that players’ power attributes will be highly rated.  Breakout campaigns, rookie seasons or even all star years are used to highlight any given players’ overall.  Due to the very specific nature of the cards, you can get more than one variation of some of the players available in the game. And players that are better then their counterparts, are usually more valuable.  In short, you acquire cards and those players make up your team.  The Show gives baseball fans the chance to use hundreds of different players with various skill sets.

You can build your very own powerhouse using essentially 3 methods. You can grind out missions against computer teams provided by the game.  Challenge other players’ teams in various online game modes.  The last method is the lamest way to build.  You can also put money into the game and buy the elite players.  Don’t be THAT guy.

Competing against other teams is always a blast.  Admittedly, I’m not that good at the game but that doesn’t take away from any of the appeal.  It’s obviously better to win but you can still have fun when you lose.  You can strike someone out with the bases loaded, or size up a pitch so well you get a home run animation.  If you’re familiar with baseball lingo, a home run animation is the same as “pimping” your bomb.  Those are only some of the reasons why I enjoy this game.  

The online community for MLB The Show is as fun as the gameplay.  Me personally, I follow the top players on social media, I watch the top streamers play, and I also seek their tips on twitter and such.  Check out the list of recommended players at the end of this article.  These are some of the best players and the coolest follows.  Do you play the game?  Then why not join the MLB The Show online community?    

If you’re going to check out only one person’s stream, I’d highly recommend watching the channel called JERZNetwork on Twitch. (@jerznetwork on Twitter) His streams are funny, entertaining, and exciting.  Not only are you enjoying his stream, you’re also watching the video game played at the highest level.  You’ll see Jerz amongst the highest ranked players out there.  Pretty much every time you log on to watch you’ll see awesome home runs or big time strikeouts.  The JERZNetwork always aims to entertain.  Being a part of his pause break chat hype sessions might be the best thing on Twitch.  Especially when it results in a Jerz victory.  Another reason to check out the channel is his roster.  My Diamond Dynasty team doesn’t have a stacked roster by any means, so it’s sweet to watch some of the best cards on display.  Next time you’re sitting around at night why not check out the JERZNetwork on Twitch? 

Just a few days ago, Jerz was matched against a player that goes by the name PitchingRebel, and he is widely regarded as the game’s top dog. The best player in the MLB The Show community.  If you tuned in to either players’ stream you would have witnessed an excellent back and forth battle.  Late inning drama, huge coaching decisions, game altering moon shots.  All the ingredients you need for a great game.  Whether you’re a fan of actual baseball or not, check out JerzNetwork for some compelling baseball action.  What else are you going to watch? Another block of Friends reruns? 

Readers of any of our content might also want to tune in to the BSoT Podcast to get a chance to listen to Jerz himself. He’ll be on the show in the near future.  Let me take a quick second to say, you should be listening to every episode of BSoT.  The hosts are top notch and if you’re a podcast fan, this is a must listen.  You can even listen to the show while you play MLB The Show.  

As it just so happens, BSoT is going to dive into the world of twitch as well. For sports game streaming as well as giving you early access to the podcast by watching the guys record live! That’s right everyone, BSoT is going live. Follow us at:

Regardless of what your form of fun is, make sure to enjoy yourself.  Make time to get lost in the things that make you happy.  Could be anything from visiting Disney to playing a little video games.  Life is too short to be serious all the time. 

Oh’s that list I mentioned earlier:

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