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LeCeltics? LeNo Way.

The NBA Finals are over as the Warriors made quick work of Lebron and the Cavs which now brings us to The Decision Part Three as Lebron once again is a free agent and once again has to decide where he wants to take his talents. Will he stay home in Cleveland and finish his career there? Will head to Hollywood and play with the Lakers? Is he tired of getting his head kicked in by Golden State and form the ultimate super team? The Rockets? A return to South Beach? Or does he join up with our beloved Boston Celtics?

The loud and opinionated Stephen A. Smith of ESPN dropped a mini bomb recently when he said that Lebron will have a “conversation” with the Celtics. Now he did mention the Warriors, Rockets, 76ers, Lakers, and a bunch of other teams but this is Boston and we only really care about ourselves so even the mention of the best player in the league joining the Celtics has dominated sports talk radio the past few days.

Should be a no brainer right? The thought of one of the best players of all time wearing green and playing under the 17 championship banners every night should get me excited and yelling that Danny Ainge should get it done no matter what. HOWEVER, (Stephen A voice) I don’t want it to happen. I don’t want Lebron James on the Celtics. Call me crazy, I don’t care, but I have my reasons. 

The Celtics are already contenders for a championship without him! Remember the C’s took him to Game 7 without their two best players and even if they had just been bad in that Game 7 and not historically awful it’s the Celtics that get swept in the Finals instead of the Cavs. Kyrie Irving and his reality based life are coming back. Gordon Hayward is coming back. Jayson Tatum is on track to be a superduperstar. Jaylen Brown is going to be a star. And I didn’t mention how the Celtics have another lottery pick in their holster for Trader Danny to play around with.

More on Tatum. Having Lebron here would stunt his progress. The kid is 20 years old and was the Celtics best player in the playoffs. He’s going to be an MVP candidate. He’s going to be competing for scoring titles. When Lebron plays basketball he has the ball in his hands all the time. He decides who shoots and who gets the ball. I want Tatum making those decisions. I want Tatum taking the big shots at the end of games. I want Tatum learning when he needs to take over a game and not deferring to Lebron. Last year he deferred because he was the rookie but as I said all year, within three years he will be the Celtics best player even with Kyrie on the team. I know LeBron is super human and it seems like he never gets tired but you have to think that at some point the minutes and the workload will catch up to him and he will start his decline while Tatum is on the incline. Of course I say LeBron could be on the decline while I’m also the first one in line yelling and screaming that Tom Brady will never be on the decline but that has nothing to do with what we are talking about. Brady Forever I always say. 

Let’s not forget about Kyrie. What’s the reason that the C’s even got Kyrie? He wanted to get out from under the shadow of Lebron, and for a season he had. He was the best player on one of the top teams in the East. If he’s healthy there is a not a doubt in my mind that the Celtics make the Finals and a healthy Kyrie led Celts team gives the Warriors a tough time in the Finals. I’m not saying they beat the Warriors but they wouldn’t be swept either.  How’s Kyrie going to feel that he got out from the shadow of Bron and then within a year he’s back under the shadow? Not well is my guess.

It’s also just not as simple as the team that finished last year just adds LeBron James to the mix. You’re going to have to give up something and it’s probably going to have to be a sign and trade. I’m not a salary cap expert but the C’s don’t have the cap room to take on a max contract and I don’t think Lebron is gonna play for the minimum. The Cavs are going to ask for Kyrie, ask for Tatum, ask for Jaylen and Terry Rozier. We all saw Danny Ainge rebuild this team post KG and Pierce. We saw him swindle Brooklyn for one of the greatest heists of all time that produced Brown, Tatum, AND Kyrie. He signed Hortford and Hayward and hired the best coach in basketball in The Genius Brad Stevens. I don’t want to break this team up. I want to see this team stay together and possibly win championships. I know fans fall in love with their own players but this isn’t like when people didn’t want to give up Al Jefferson for Kevin Garnett. No one was talking about Big Al the way they they talk about Tatum. Al for KG was a no brainer. If it was simple as Lebron walks in to the current team I’ll talk myself into it and believe that Brad can figure everything out perfectly because of course he’d be able too. He’s a genius. 

Also, and this is probably the biggest reason why I don’t want Lebron on the Celtics, is that it would super weird to all of a sudden have to root for Lebron. I know I’m gonna sound like a crazy fan here but for about ten years it’s been the city of Boston vs Lebron. Lebron is on the Mount Rushmore of most hated athletes along with Peyton Manning, A-Rod, and the combo of Bill Laimbeer/Isiah Thomas (the Pistons version). Whenever the Celtics are in the playoffs they always have to go up against Lebron. It’s a bloodwar against Lebron. Who can forget when the Big 3 took him down in 2008 and 2010 and chased him to Miami. The epic 2012 Eastern Conference Finals when Lebron sadly ended the Big 3 era and my life for a brief moment of time. Plus after years of ranting and raving at the tv every time this guy whines for a call and has the self indulging press conferences and watching him subtweet his teammates like an angry ex girlfriend how in the world can I now have that on my favorite team? No way I can support that. It’s much
more fun to beat this guy and I’ve been saying that the Celtics will be the one that ends Lebron’s dominance over the Eastern Conference and it’s coming soon.

There we go. That’s why I don’t want Lebron on the Celtics. Call me insane but I’m more excited for the 10 plus years of Tatum and Brown than the 4 to 5 years of Lebron. I also think there is a zero percent chance that it would ever happen. Personally I see Lebron going to the Lakers where he owns two houses near Los Angeles, can team up Paul George, get into the movie business and increase his “brand” when he retires, boss Luke Walton and Magic Johnson around like he does in Cleveland. LA makes the most sense for him. I don’t see him going to Philly or Houston. Going to Golden State would be the softest move since KD went to Golden State. The Lakers make the most sense. And just imagine another Lebron/Boston matchup this time in the NBA Finals featuring the league’s two most historic franchises with Lebron in the purple and gold and Kyrie and Tatum in the green and white. I’m already dreaming about it. Let’s go.

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