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Fantasy Sleeper Checkup

In early March, right in the guts of Fantasy Baseball Draft Season, I wrote an article detailing a list of fantasy sleepers that you should have targeted in your draft. You can find that article here. Lets do a quick check to see if I nailed my picks, or if they are sleep walking through the season.

  • Justin Upton - As I stated then and I will again now, not your prototypical sleeper. However, he was still drafted to low with an ADP around 80. Players like Domingo Santana, Ian Happ, Jonathan Schoop, and MIGUEL SANO were drafted ahead of him in my draft. While Sano hangs out in Single A ball (yikes...) Justin Upton has once again put up Justin Upton numbers to the tune of a .251 average with 16 long balls and 43 RBIs. That puts him on pace for a final line of .250/35/94. In my first article I projected close to a 30 homer, 100 RBI season. Not to shabby to say the least.
  • Khris Davis - Davis being on this list was all about bang for your buck. You could get Judge/Stanton power numbers a few rounds later at the expense of some average. Well let me tell you, he is doing it once again. Not even three months into the season and he already has 20 dingers. He is batting .235, but as a guy who usually only bats around .240 anyways, he is doing exactly what you bought him for. Currently on pace for another 40+ home run season,  just let Davis keep doing his thing.

  • Zach Godley - Okay, so I am not perfect. Who is? Godley has had a roller coaster season and has not been as great as I thought he could be, but he still has shown glimpses of it. He has posted two straight quality starts and one can hope this is the start of a roll. In April, Godley was very good, ending the month at 3.81 and has gotten a little worse since then as he now sits at a 4.77 ERA, but his advanced stats show hes been the receiver of some bad luck. His strikeout numbers remain high and his batted balls in play just keep missing gloves. The ceiling is still high in my opinion.
  • Greg Bird - This one disappoints me. I am at the point where I find myself questioning, is Greg Bird even good? Are we sure about that? If he is not hurt, he is struggling. He once again was on the shelf the majority of the year, and now he claims he is healthy, but he is batting a mediocre .213 with only 3 home runs and basically strikes out at least once a game. I think its fair to be concerned.
  • Garrett Richards - All things considered, I feel its fair to say Richards has been exactly what you drafted him for, if not more. Yes, he is currently on the shelf with a hamstring injury, but that is minor. When you look at the major injuries he has sustained in recent years, a hamstring injury must feel like Christmas morning for him. Richards has shown flashes of the power arm we used to hear so much about and has racked up 78 strikeouts in 68 innings. His ERA sits below 3.5 and as long as this hamstring injury is the only hiccup along the way, you should be thrilled with his output, considering his 15th round average draft position.

  • Mike Zunino - Lets be honest, you drafted Zunino for power and nothing else. Well, that is what you're getting. Currently on pace for 25 home runs, you're getting what you paid for and just need to accept the .200 average along the way. To put a positive spin on it, 25 home runs is fantastic from the catching position.
  • Jason Kipnis -  Whoops...
  • Hanley Ramirez - So he is currently not a team. Is that bad? Hear me out first. I said, and I quote
    "If Hanley is on the board and you have one pick left, why not? Take the leap of faith and if he bails some point in the year, you bail too. You'll be okay. I promise."

    So he didn't bail, the Red Sox did. But still, for a couple months you got more than you ever could have hoped for. He batted.254 with 6 home runs and 29 RBI's. If you drafted him with your last pick, then you won. Now you have probably moved on and your wounds are already healed. See, I told you, you'd be okay now didn't I?
  • Tyler Chatwood - Now this hurts me. This one gets my right in the heart. I put all of my chips on Tyler Chatwood. I truly felt he was going to be an absolute steal in every single fantasy draft this season. Unfortunately, its late June and he still has no clue where the strike zone is. Here is a list of walks per start for Chatwood: 5,2,7,4,5,6,2,5,5,3,5,7,1, 6. Woof. What is even crazier than those walk totals though, is that his era is still below 4. That shows his potential. I am not saying he should still be rostered (because even I bit the bullet and let him go) but you should still be watching him closely. The only thing holding him back is his control. If he could ever reign that in this year, he could take off in the second half.
  • Ozzie Albies - Did your boy tell you, or did your boy tell you?! I spent March kicking and screaming for Ozzie Albies. Apparently I kicked and screamed too much about him because as my mouse hovered over him, ready to hit the draft button, the player in front of me took him. So close. Oh so close. Every home runs he hits makes the pain worse. But at the same time, boy did I nail this one. Ozzie has been better than anyone imagined because of his new found power. It is only June 21st but he already has 16 home runs to his name. I think most people would trade a couple of those long balls for more in the average column (.249), but you still have to be quite pleased with your investment if you read my words and bought in.
It sure seems safe to say that overall, my sleepers have paid off. Listen, this is baseball and no one bats 1.000, but .500 is damn impressive.

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