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Celtics End Of Season Report Card

Regular Season: 55-27

Playoffs: Eliminated Game 7 of ECF

Kyrie Irving: B-

Sure, Kyrie's number were mainly all above his career average. There is no denying his importance on this roster. The problem this year, however, was his injuries. When you miss 22 regular season games and all 19 playoff games as the team's superstar, your grade falls below the norm.

Jaylen Brown: B+
Jaylen avoided the infamous sophomore slump this year while playing an important role in the C's run to game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals. His improvement from year 1 to year 2 is one of the many bright spots on this Celtics roster.

Jayson Tatum: A-
He was an easy choice for one of only two players who received a grade in the A range (teaser alert). Not only did he meet expectations as the number 3, but really number 1, pick in last year's draft, he crushed them. Tatum played above his age in the regular season and even more so in the postseason, leading to fans already calling him "the next Paul Pierce". Putting that sort of title on the 20 year old needs to slow down a little, but maybe not for long. This kid is special. 

Al Horford: A 

If you just look at the box score, you'd think I am crazy for giving Horford an A for the year. Maybe I am. One thing is for sure though, Al Horford was an important piece to the Celtics success this year and he will be next year when Irving and Hayward come back from injuries. He might now "wow" you on the court, but he is one of the more consistent players, offensively and defensively. The "Average AL" nickname needs to be put to rest.

Aron Baynes: B

Baynes had a certain role on this year's team and on most nights, he played it very well. He was put into games to be a bruiser and control the glass using his "all of Australia" body frame. An added bonus was Baynes' sudden ability to drain 3's in the playoffs, which might have bumped his grade up a few more points, and his ability to stay healthy, only missing one game all year.

Gordon Hayward: TBD

Five minutes of play from Hayward this year just quite isn't enough to grade. Stay tuned next year for his first official BSoT end of season grade. 

Marcus Smart: C+
There is no questioning Smart's ability on the defensive side of the ball, but until he proves to be more consistent offensively, his grade will remain just above average. Shooting low to mid 30% field goals and low 70% free throws continues to be unacceptable.

Terry Rozier: B-

Scary Terry was not so scary when the lights were the brightest in the postseason, lowering his grade a little bit. He did do a fine job of replacing Kyrie Irving this season and established himself as a key piece of the bench for an even longer playoff run next year if the Celtics do decide to keep him around.

Marcus Morris: C

Morris was a decent option coming off the bench for the C's, providing much needed bench scoring. The issue with Morris was his inability to give up the ball in games where he couldn't find his shot. He certainly has never met a shot he doesn't like. Some games it felt like he shot the ball every time he touched it and I found myself cheering for an actual assist from him.

Daniel Theis: B

Theis ended up being yet another Celtic taken away by injury. When he was on the court he added much needed big man depth off the bench and shot very well from the floor (54%). He was another one of those pesky Celtics bench players who could rack up a solid rebounding night, even though he only averaged 15 minutes per game.

Semi Ojeleye: C

Ojeleye provided some defensive help in the playoffs at times, playing some crucial minutes in several of the games against Cleveland while guarding LeBron James. Problem with Ojeleye in his young career is his lack of offensive creativity. He spent much of the time stashed away in the corner by the 3-pt line, basically to cut the offense down to a 4 on 4. His offense will get better with time and with a potential increase in minutes down the road.

Shane Larkin: D

Larkin struggled to find his role for much of the season. Celtics acquired him hoping he would provide some scoring off the bench and that never really panned out. The only reason why he salvaged a D from me is because he kept Abdel Nader firmly on the bench.

Greg Monroe: F

Monroe makes for a solid bench player on a good team, but not the Celtics. He did not fit the system very well, at times looking slower than I ever thought possible. Monroe is best when he is stabilized under the basket on both ends of the court and the Celtics simply do not like to play that way. They use their youth to create a run and gun style. Trade deadline signing two thumbs down. 

Brad Stevens: B+
Stevens is easily the best coach in the Eastern Conference, and in the discussion for best coach in the NBA, despite being snubbed for coach of the year. He took an injury riddled Celtics team this year to game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals. Ironically, that game 7 loss is also the reason he is not receiving an A for the year. When you have a 2-0 and 3-2 series lead with a game 7 at home, a series win needs to be the result regardless of opponent. It is a learning curve and I have faith that Stevens will learn from this experience and continue to grow into an all-time great coach. 

With the BSoT grades locked in, that'll put a wrap on the Celtics 2017-18 campaign. It was one hell of a ride with a range of emotions that will probably never be duplicated. From the start of the season with all the high hopes, to 5 minutes in thinking the season is over, regaining that hope throughout the season only to find out Kyrie won't be available for the playoffs, re-establishing that doubt in a playoff run. As a final act, the C's made a remarkable push through the playoffs, falling one game shy of the NBA Finals (where that remarkable run would have sputtered). That run showed how talented the whole roster is 1 through 13. Now we wait until October. It will be a second chance to see just what kind of damage this team can do once they add their two stars Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward back onto the roster. Enjoy it. 

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