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Celtics Draft Robert Williams

Courtesy of The Boston Globe

The NBA Draft was Thursday and Danny Ainge might’ve won it AGAIN. Danny has been on a roll of late as he’s drafted Marcus Smart, Terry Rozier, Jaylen Brown, and Jayson Tatum in the last four drafts.  He may have gotten another good player in Robert Williams from Texas A&M. Williams is a 6’10 shot blocker that gets compared to Deandre Jordan and Willie Cauley-Stein. 

I’ll admit I haven’t seen much of Williams. I have just done my amateur scouting after the pick of reading what people say on Twitter and watching his YouTube highlights.
From what everyone says, this is a steal. Draft Express said that he was number 12 in ESPN’s Top 100 and concerns of his off the court behavior and his knees dropped his stock and allowed the Celtics to grab him at 27. When you’re drafting in the back half of the first round you’re not expecting to hit on a player. You have to take chances or hope that someone falls to you and that’s what happened here. If he’s a little immature, he’ll have plenty of veterans to show him the ropes and show him how things are done. Robert Williams went from being a two time Defensive Player of the Year at A&M, to falling in the draft, and now to possibly being a rotation player on the Celtics in the near future.

The team itself, didn’t really need to do much in the draft this year compared to last.  They were involved in plenty of rumors about putting a package together to move up and possibly take Luka Doncic or Mo Bamba, but I didn’t buy it. The Celtics will be involved in every rumor out there as they look to acquire banner 18. In reality, all they really need to do is resign Aron Baynes and Marcus Smart, and add rotation players like Robert Williams. Before last night, the Celtics had only one true big man of the roster in Al Hortford, resigning Baynes would be two, and now Williams will give them a trio of serviceable big men. Fans also shouldn’t forget about my man Daniel Theis, who is a bit undersized but still is a great role player. Williams doesn’t have to become Kevin Mchale either. The kid might be a project but he’s going to have great mentors and a great coaching staff helping him along the way. All he has to do is block shots, rebound, run the floor, set screens, and dunk. Clint Capela is the third best player on the Rockets because he can do all those things. 

While my heart would’ve liked the Celtics to draft Grayson Allen or Moritz Wagner, I’m glad Danny Ainge is the GM of the Celtics and not me. For all the talk of trader Danny,  he’s been just as hot drafting players in recent years. He made the move to take Terry Rozier at #16 when a lot of people wanted Sam Dekker of Wisconsin fame. He recognized Jaylen’s future potential at #3 when all the fans booed the pick. He chose Tatum over Markell Fultz. Reports were that Danny and Basketball operations were excited when Robert Williams fell to them so this is clearly a guy that they had targeted. I don’t expect him to play much this year because of the veterans in front of him but a young, athletic center is what the Celtics needed. Lob City could come to Boston very soon.

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