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What Legal Sports Betting Means to the Fantasy World

It is Sunday September 10th, 2017 and you find yourself scouring the internet for any late breaking NFL news. You are getting ready to set your fantasy football lineup for the first time in 9 months. It is NFL Kickoff weekend. Fast forward to Sunday September 9th, 2018 and your ready to do it all over again, except this time around sports gambling is finally legal. What does this do to your fantasy livelihood?

Nothing. That's what.

A week ago today the Supreme Court dropped a 6-3 decision that has cleared the way for states to legalize sports betting, putting an end to a 1992 federal law that had banned the practice in almost all states. The same argument has been voiced for years saying that legalized sports gambling would entice young, uninformed individuals to gamble money they don't have, while at the same time encouraging the mature, well-off folks to squander their savings. However, the basis of the final decision last week says, and I agree with, the choice is not ours to make. This is an act that each individual person has their right do engage in or not.

So what will last weeks ruling change in the fantasy world?

When it comes to your normal, organized fantasy sports, the ruling provides little to no effect to you and what you do. Come early September, you and your friends will organize in someones basement with what you think is a professional looking draft board, and draft your fantasy football team. You walk out bragging about how you will cruise to a championship win and collect the small 300 dollar pool waiting for you, only to finish with 3 wins.

The fantasy world that will be effected are those that partake in daily games on websites and apps like Draft Kings and Fan Duel. Daily competitions have provided an avenue to partake in legal gambling for fantasy junkies and casual gamblers with an itch to scratch. While both companies have come out and stated that they will embrace the ruling, change is on the horizon. Change that will effect all daily users in some way or another. Legalized sports gambling could steer some of their crowd away as gamblers focus their bets elsewhere. However, if Draft Kings and Fan Duel partake, and even enhance their options in some way to keep their dedicated users, you can expect them to draw the interest of even more gamblers, making your odds of winning, even smaller.

In the end though, if you like to throw your money around, the options just became endless for you. Bet wisely....

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