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NBA Finals Bound?

Game 6 is tonight in Cleveland and this Celtics team is one win away from heading to the NBA Finals for the first time since the 2009-10 season. It has been nothing short of an impressive playoff run and it is hard not to think of the possibilities of where this team will be next year with everyone returning from injury. Those thoughts, at least for the time being, need to stop. It's time to appreciate what this current team has done and time to realize that there is a very good possibility this team makes the Finals and actually competes for the championship. Best case scenario for the C's is a matchup with the Houston Rockets, as they don't have quite the endless amount of threats on the court that the Golden State Warriors would have. Let's not get too far ahead of ourselves though, there is still work to be done against Cleveland.

Tonight’s matchup will again rely on the Celtics being able to get out to a fast start, especially on the road. Being away from the TD Garden this postseason has gone very poorly for the C’s, but what better time than now to turn it around. We all know LeBron isn’t going to come out in front of his home crowd and look “tired” for the majority of the game. He is going to be a force. The best the Celtics can do is to continue to throw multiple defenders on him in an effort to wear him down. Can the rest of this average Cavs team do enough to step up in an elimination game and force a game 7 back in Boston? I honestly don’t think so, not tonight.

It’s already blatantly obvious that Brad Stevens is a much better coach than Tyronn Lue, especially after Lue’s post-game comments on why Kyle Korver didn’t see much of the floor in game 5. This advantage will continue to be a factor in game 6. Aron Baynes has been a key addition into the starting lineup that we haven’t seen yet in Cleveland. This should allow the Celtics to stay in the game early and as we all know, they will do a much better job of playing a full 48 minute game than the Cavs will. This will be the difference tonight. The Celtics will keep this game close and persevere in the end, unlike most of the other road games this postseason. Expect bounce back games from Terry Rozier and Jaylen Brown, as well as a very disappointed Cleveland crowd when they have to watch this undermanned Celtics team celebrate the Eastern Conference Championship on their home court.

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