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Are you a Buyer or Seller? Why not both...

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We are now about 20 percent of the way through the 2018 season and its time to start wheeling and dealing. Who is for real? Who isn't? And who can turn things around. Well I am glad you asked...

Giancarlo Stanton - Booed within seconds of touching down in the Big Apple, Stanton has gotten off to an extremely slow start in the Bronx. He is striking out in a third of his at bats and since the calendar turned to May, he has struck out 10 times in 22 at bats. He did however hit two home runs last night against Boston and just as you're about to write him off, he does something like that. Still, overall its been a poor season. However, at the end of the day he is your reigning NL MVP who is still working to acclimate himself to his new digs. If the owner of him in your league is already fed up, take a shot. We all know his track record and know what we have seen so far, is not it. Verdict? BUY

Gary Sanchez -  Much like his aforementioned teammate above, Gary Sanchez has crawled out of the gate. He is batting below the Mendoza line at a paltry .193. Again though, look at the name and track record. Gary is a career .270 hitter. I fully expect as the weather heats up, he will too. While he may be harder to trade for, as good fantasy catchers are a dime a dozen, he is still worth a shot to try and acquire. Verdict? BUY. 

Asdrubal Cabrera  - For those that have lost shortstops like Elvis Andrus or Dansby Swanson to injury, Cabrera was hopefully your fill in. And if he was, you have gotten more than you ever could have asked for. Cabrera has batted .326 while blasting 6 homers and driving in 21. This has lead him to a .553 slugging percentage. You know what that is? That is 100 points better than his career best. He is 32 years old. This is clearly an unsustainable slash line that should have you thanking your lucky stars and looking to unload before he tails off. Every good ride must come to an end. Verdict? SELL

Andrew Benintendi - Benny Biceps. Whats the problem my man? So far those biceps have not translated to homers. Instead Benintendi has hit a total of.......1 home run. His 20.2 percent hard-contact rate mixed with his 34.8 percent fly ball rate is your reason why. Is that fixable? With his talent, absolutely. He is 23 with just a little more than a full season under his belt. I fully still believe that Benintendi will soon be a borderline 30/100 player. If there is a frustrated owner out there, start dabbling in trade talk. You won't regret it. Verdict? BUY

Charlie Morton - I am not going to go as far as to jump on the "cheating" train that Trevor Bauer is driving, but something definitely does not add up. All of a sudden at 34 years old Morton is throwing 99mph heaters with an Uncle Charlie to break your knees in front of 50,000 fans. He will be jogging out to the mound for his next start with almost a 2 flat ERA. I refuse to believe this lasts all season long and neither should you. Verdict? SELL

Hanley Ramirez - Hanley has gotten off to a decent start. Especially considering what the going rate was on him during the draft (late to last round). But he is still Hanley, and do we expect him to keep playing everyday and be happy? I don't. See if someone will take him off your hands for a chance to get younger. Verdict? SELL

Paul Goldschmidt
- Remember all that humidor talk I poured into you earlier in the season? Even I did not think it would have THIS big of an effect. Joking aside, I do not feel we should chalk up Goldy's early season struggles to a humidor. He is too good of a player to have that bring him down to where he is now; .226 average and only 4 home runs. Even as bad as those numbers look, he has still found a way to be productive with 5 steals and 17RBI's. Try and deal for him before his average and home runs catch up to those numbers. Verdict? BUY

Chad Bettis -  The Chad Bettis story is great and he is a guy I root for after he was diagnosed and beat testicular cancer last year. I would love to see him continue the pace he is on, I just do not believe it is sustainable. With a career 4.73 ERA, he's never finished a season below 4.23, now this season he is sporting a 2.05ERA. He pitches half his games in Coors Field. I trust that number staying that low about as much as I trust Ken Giles in the ninth inning. Burn. Verdict? SELL

Chris Archer - Archer has started out BAD. There is no way to sugar coat it. Having a terrible offense to try and pick him up does not help him either. The talent is still there though. April 14th he hit his high mark of ERA as it peaked at almost 8. Since then, it has dropped each game and it is down in total by 2 and a half points. He is starting to hit a stride and is coming off back to back quality starts. Try and get him now before it is too late. Verdict? BUY

C.C. Sabathia -  Maybe he has in fact learned to pitch with less velocity finally. It sure looks that way when you look at how he pitched last October and what he has done this year. That very well may be here to stay. What is probably not here to stay is his health. He already hit the DL with a minor hip ailment and with his age and track record, you can expect more issues to pop up along the way. Try to find a buyer that gets blinded by his 1.39 ERA. Verdict? SELL

 Yu Darvish - It is May 9th. He is winless. He is on the DL. His ERA is 6. It HAS to get better. I know if I owned him I would be sick and tired of it and looking to dump him for a roll of pennies and a stick of gum. If I didn't own him, I would be willing to buy for the same. Shoot your shot. Verdict? BUY

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