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Tap Top 10 Fantasy Baseball Sleepers

Everyone has their own definition of a fantasy "sleeper." Mine is a mixed bag of, bang for your buck, being ranked too low, and having a high ceiling. Like Michael Jordan said, the ceiling is the roof. Huh? Anyway, in no particular order, here are 10 ball players you should be targeting come draft day.

  • Justin Upton - Okay, right off the bat you're probably saying Justin Upton? Sleeper? I know, hes not your prototypical fantasy sleeper, but, he is being skipped over in drafts far too many times. The Angels will be putting a much better product on the field in 2018 and all signs point to them being in contention for at least a Wild Card spot. That will keep this team focused. Maybe Upton is being passed on because of his age. But he's only 30. Maybe he gets overlooked because of injury history? Really? Because he has not played less than 149 games since 2010! He is the model of consistency and you can feel comfortable taking him on your squad in the third round and expect him to post very close to a 30/100 campaign. What makes him real sneaky though? He will even swipe you 15 bags. Stop overlooking Upton.
  • Khris Davis - You know who hit more home runs than Khris Davis a season ago? Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge. That's it. That's the list. Judge sent 52 over the wall while Stanton hit 59. Davis came in third with 43. I think it is completely fair to expect both Judge and Stanton to be closer to the high 40s than almost 60. Yet come draft day, you can either spend your first round pick on Judge or Stanton, or wait until around the 60-70 pick range to get Khris Davis. This is a bang for your buck pick. No, Davis won't lead the league in hitting as he averages around .240 typically, but that power and price tag makes me drool. You can get average in plenty other places. Choose wisely.
  • Zach Godley - I mean, his name is Godley. What else do you need? Do you need to be reminded that he had a breakout season last year breaking in with a 3.37 ERA in a launching pad of a ballpark? Did you forget the humidor is coming into that launching pad this season? Godley has an ungodly (see what I did there) high ceiling and is sitting on the board to roughly the 9th and 10th rounds of drafts. Draft Godley ahead of the likes of Shohei Ohtani, David Price, Jon Lester, and Rich Hill.
  • Greg Bird - If you read my earlier articles you'll know I am a big Greg Bird guy this season. Everything is there for him to take as long as he stays on the field. His power will fall in line perfectly with Yankee Stadium and his bat will be positioned between Giancarlo Stanton's and Gary Sanchez's, where he can cash in on runs and RBI's. With his ADP still sitting around 150, Bird is a low risk, high reward pick in my book. 
  • Garrett Richards -  I know its only Spring Training, but Garrett his FINALLY healthy and showing us all how good he is, when he is healthy. So far he's tossed 9 innings and only given up 2 runs while striking out 12. His fastball is teetering around the century mark which is a great sign. His injury risk will always be high, but at some point risks need to be taken.  Richards is one you should be taking.
  • Mike Zunino - Power from the catching position is extremely rare. Unless your willing to use a second round pick on Gary Sanchez, solidifying power behind the dish becomes almost impossible. Don't look at the power surge throughout baseball with the attitude that it makes finding power easier for fantasy purposes, but look at it as you need to get in on that power surge as much as possible too. Zunino was highly touted since his days as a Florida Gator and he has stumbled a lot. But the fact of the matter is, he has light tower power and mashed 25 homers a season ago. He is also a very good defensive catcher, so even if he goes through some tough spells you can count on him being out there often.
  • Jason Kipnis - I don't know if I have seen someone written off quicker than Jason Kipnis. He had one bad year. One. And it was because he was riddled with injuries a year ago. Just two years ago he hit 23 home runs and drove in 82 RBI's. This Spring he has done nothing but tear the cover off the ball. Kipnis now offers multi-position eligibility with 2B/OF and there is really no reason at all not to draft him before his 15th round price tag.
  • Hanley Ramirez - I am going to keep this one short. I feel like we have all been tired of Hanley for years. He plays when he wants to and doesn't when he doesn't want to. The fact of the matter is he has a reason to play with Boston. And that is to win. He is going undrafted in some formats which I find a little too cautious. If Hanley is on the board and you have one pick left, why not? Take the leap of faith and if he bails some point in the year, you bail too. You'll be okay. I promise.
  • Tyler Chatwood - This one. This one right here is my knight in shining armor. If there's one player on this last I can have its going to be Tyler Chatwood. As he bids adieu to Coors Field and says hello to friendly confines of Wrigley Field, there is one stat you need to take note of. The last two seasons when he pitched NOT in Coors Field, he posted a 2.57 ERA. Yeah, thats all I need to know. I have taken notice and plan on reaping the benefits of a fantasy fourth starter, draftable in practically the last round.
  • Ozzie Albies - When it comes to second base, there is Jose Altuve, then there is everyone else. So why would you waste an early pick when you have a stat stuffer sitting down draft boards in Ozzie Albies? People seem to either not know who he is, or just not remember, but Albies came up to the big leagues in the second half of last season and all he did was hit .286 with six homers, five triples and eight steals in nine attempts. By the way, he was only 20 years old when he put up that slash line. This year he is slated to hit at the top of the lineup in front of Freddie Freeman setting him up nicely for a shot at 85-90 runs scored. He will be a multi category asset that you can grab down near your 14th selection.

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