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Belichick Owes Patriot Fans an Explanation

Patriot Coach Bill Belichick is notorious for not providing information to the media explaining the reasons for his decisions concerning team matters such as game plans and roster decisions.  When questioned by the media about such decisions, Belichick often reverts to a generic response such as “it was best for the team” or “it gave us the best chance to win”. 

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Belichick has earned a pass from Patriot fans thanks in large part to his unprecedented run of success, highlighted by five Super Bowl Championships in his 18 seasons as Head Coach and de facto General Manager.  Fans have faith that Belichick’s decisions, while sometimes questionable to even the most knowledgeable fan, are made for the sole purpose to win championships.  The phrase “In Bill We Trust” has been borne of this absolute confidence in his genius level football I.Q. 

The confidence of Patriots fans was dealt a severe blow on Super Bowl Sunday when Belichick chose to remove Malcolm Butler from the team’s defensive game plan.  Belichick benched Butler not just from the starting line-up, but for the entire game.  Belichick decided the former All-Pro cornerback could not contribute whatsoever to a Patriot defense that was at best respectable and sometimes atrocious during the 2017 season.  While Butler’s play took a noticeable downturn during the regular season, he played in all 16 games in the regular season and started 15.  Yet, in the biggest game of the season, the game for which Belichick often states is the team’s sole goal to win, Belichick decided Butler’s talents were of no value to the team.

New England fans can not excuse Belichick for this decision, which arguably cost the team its sixth championship.  Belichick’s explanation of doing “what gave the team the best chance to win” simply does not cut it for this game.  We can accept that explanation for a regular season game against Cleveland, but not in the Super Bowl.  We need to know why the Butler was passed over for the likes of Jordan Richards and Johnson Bademosi.  Patriot fans have invested too much passion in this team to not get an explanation for this move.

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