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29 Days and Counting

29 days. That is the last time the Celtics lost a game this season. Since starting 0-2 they have rattled off 13 consecutive wins, springing them to first in the Eastern Conference and alone in first for the best record in the NBA. Celtics have a tough task ahead though, as they come home to Boston to host the Golden State Warriors, who are currently on a 7 game winning streak themselves. This will easily be the toughest game during the streak and maybe, just maybe, a glimpse at what the NBA Finals will look like. 

The C’s have faced plenty of adversity heading into tonight’s matchup, having to win a game without either Irving or Horford, and several games without just Horford. Luckily, they are both healthy enough to play against the Warriors. Everyone already knows what to expect in big games from players like Kyrie, Horford, Durant and Curry. Now we get to see what the young kids are made of. To beat the Warriors, Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum will need to step up, both offensively and defensively. They both have been solid all year and tonight will be a great test to see just how much they’ve already developed. 

I expect to see a game of ups and downs for the Celtics. The inconsistent offense will hurt them early in this game, adding more pressure to the defense. The same defense who is already faced with the tough task of stopping Curry, Thompson, Durant and Green. There is no way of shutting them down completely, but the Celtics need to make them work for every possession. Wearing the Warriors down for a full 48 is the key to success. If there is any defense in the NBA that can do it, it’s the one right here on Causeway. 

If the C’s can pull off the “upset” tonight, there is no telling when the streak will end. The next two games are on the road against the bottom of the NBA, Atlanta and Dallas. Call me crazy, but assuming a win tonight, we might not see another loss until December 4th against Milwaukee.That would be 22 wins in a row. Unlikely? Yes. But so was winning 13 straight after starting out 0-2 and losing Gordon Hayward for the season. Only thing we can do now is sit back and enjoy what should be a hell of an NBA Finals preview. 

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