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Garoppolo Deal Makes No Sense

October 30, 2017 – 8:38 PM:   Is tomorrow Halloween, or April Fools’ Day?  News has just come down on the Patriots trade of Jimmy Garoppolo to the San Francisco 49ers, and this has to be a joke.  The Pats have traded what most people believed was to be their quarterback of the future for just a second round pick in 2018?  A trick with no treat.

By most accounts, the Patriots turned down high first round picks in the offseason for Garoppolo.  The Patriots further reinforced their apparent commitment to Garoppolo when they traded Jacoby Brissett prior to the start of the regular season, leaving Jimmy G. as the only back-up to Tom Brady, who, if you haven’t heard, turned 40 years old this year.

Let’s recap: Turn down a first round pick when you have a viable back-up already on the roster, trade the viable back-up, then trade for just a second round pick halfway through the regular season when you don’t even have a quarterback on your practice squad.  Moves like that sound more like the Cleveland Browns than the 5-time Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots. 

None of this makes sense, which leads to the obvious question – why now?  What happened between the end of the pre-season and today that enticed the Patriots to make this deal?  If the trade had been to acquire a solid linebacker to replace Dont’a Hightower, or a receiver to offset the recent injury to Chris Hogan, it might have made sense.  Trading an asset to fill a need is as old as professional sports.  But trading a valuable asset for less value than you could have received just six months prior for no immediate help doesn’t add up.

Something must have been going on behind the scenes which forced Belichik’s hand to move Garoppolo out of town.  Was Garoppolo no longer able to hide his impatience at being Brady’s understudy while other quarterbacks have been cashing in on lesser talent?  Was it causing division in the locker room?  We will never get the answers to any of these questions out of the Foxborough bunker, but given the circumstances weighed against the needs of the team, there has to be much, much more to the story.

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