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What a frustrating weekend of baseball in the Bronx. The Red Sox had the opportunity to put the Yankees away and they failed. I'm not saying the Yankees are pushovers but the lack of intensity the Red Sox exhibited this weekend  was a little disturbing. That seems to be this team's personality. They never get too excited about a win and they never get too down after a loss, but it would be nice if they could find a way to step on their rival's throat. 

What also made this weekend so hard to digest was that Chris Sale didn't have it in the series finale. Sale's repeated second half struggles over the course of his career have to be a major concern going forward. It goes without saying that Sale makes all the difference. If he's on top of his game the Red Sox seem unbeatable, however, when he doesn't pitch well it seems like the sky is falling. 

The two biggest threats to the Red Sox pursuit of a pennant are the Indians and none other than the Yankees. It just so happens that those two teams give Sale the most problems. It's hard to complain about the overall body of work but what if Sale can't get this team over the top? It's not unfair to question the trade made to acquire his services if he's going to put up miserable performances against the best the American League has to offer. 

The scary part is that Sale appeared to be a guy who would never give in on the mound. He was what this team needed because David Price couldn't bring that needed intensity in the big spots. It's starting to look like Sale and Price may not be that different. Price can't seem to find his way back on a mound and now Sale is starting to turtle in the big moments. 

After his most recent loss to the Indians, Sale expressed to the media that he wanted another shot at the Indians in the playoffs. I love the fact that he wants another shot but I'm pretty sure that the Indians don't mind seeing him on the mound again. That has to concern the Red Sox front office. 

I'm sure the Red Sox could spend some more money in the offseason or make another blockbuster trade to bring in yet another ace who's supposed to dominate when it counts the most. I don't think the Red Sox really want to go that route. Sale is Dombrowski's guy. If Sale can't do it for this team then no one else can. 

I hate to sound like a Monday Morning Quarterback and a Debbie Downer but the Chris Sale trade is starting to look more and more like a trade the Red Sox are going to regret. The team does not score enough runs when Sale is on the mound to begin with. The team just appears to be content sitting there and watching him pitch. They never seem to put on an offensive display and make it a little easier for him to win a game. 

Now we have a situation where Sale just isn't showing up for the big game. I guess there's always next time. Unfortunately for Sale, there will be no other regular season opportunities for redemption against the Indians and the Yankees. If Sale gets another crack at one of these teams in the playoffs it would be great if he showed up for that matchup. The disturbing thing is that history has already told us that he probably won't. 

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