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A wise man once said that a manager doesn't win you games but he can certainly lose them for you. There isn't a more perfect example of this than good old "Manager John Farrell." If the point of managing was to manage badly he would already be in Cooperstown. He's finished in last place twice as manager of the Red Sox. It was a miracle that he managed to keep his job after that stunning performance his team gave all of us in 2014 and 2015. It appeared that the end of the road was near right??? Nope.

Then 2016 came around. The team miraculously made the playoffs only to get outclassed in October. Johnnie boy had to be gone after that choke job right??? Nope, wrong again. Then the David Price saga happened. If anyone needed any more reassurance that John didn't have control of his players this would be it right??? WRONG AGAIN!!! This guy has nine lives. 

That leads us to the lovely style of play John's team has graced the fan base with in 2017. He's created a train wreck on the bases. There's being aggressive and then there's whatever you call this. Every player on this team has looked clueless at least once on the bases this season, but no players have looked worse than Eduardo Nunez and Andrew Benintendi. 

I love Nunez as much as the next guy does but FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE STOP GETTING THROWN OUT BY 20 FEET AT HOME PLATE. And please Benny Biceps, please. You can't turn every single into a double. You can't go first to third when you haven't even touched second yet and the right fielder already has the ball in his hands. WHAT ARE YOU DOING???

It's really easy to blame the players for this sheer ineptitude but let's face it, it's all John Farrell's fault. I hate to break it to you guys but this man just doesn't care. You don't think he knows he can do whatever he wants to do and still keep his job? This is the same guy who couldn't keep it in his pants when Jessica Moran walked into the club house. He doesn't care. 

Now his team doesn't care about the way they run the bases. When they're asked about it after the game the answer usually is, "we don't hit a lot of home runs so we need to take more chances." Only fools take this many chances. How many more times do they have to get caught dead on the base paths before they realize they're playing stupid baseball?

It's a bit harsh to say a first place team doesn't know how to play baseball properly but it's simply the truth. This team has zero chance of competing in October with this attitude towards the game and it's John Farrell's fault. No Red Sox fan wants a September collapse but if one happens and John finally loses his job because of it,  I probably won't be too broken up about it and you shouldn't be either. 

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