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Timely hitting wins championships. It's not rocket science. I just wish the Red Sox had figured that out earlier. This team couldn't score runs for four months. Since the calendar flipped to August, this team can't stop getting clutch hits. I admit I was skeptical when the Red Sox called up Rafael Devers. Now it seems like he's the reason why this team has finally found an identity. Devers clutch home run off of Aroldis Chapman on Sunday night was the most amazing display of power I've ever seen from a 20 year old. A day later he somehow sent one the other way over the monster once again.

What makes this Devers contribution that much more impressive is that it comes at a time when the assumed "leader," Dustin Pedroia, hasn't been on the field. Has anyone noticed that David Price also hasn't been on the field? Open your eyes fans!!! The answer was Devers all along. This is proof that trading for the veteran isn't always the best move. A true contender needs an injection of youth. Pedroia, Price, Farrel and not even Sale could light a fire under this team. 

It turns out that this team didn't need Todd Frazier after all. They just needed a little home grown talent. Maybe Dave Dombrowski does know what he's doing after all. Now one can only hope that Dombrowski realizes that John Farrell couldn't get this team to play to the best of its abilities for four months. A 20 year old was the one who lit a fire under this team. If the Red Sox pull off the unthinkable and win another World Series in 2017, don't give credit to the manager. Thank Rafael Devers. He's the real leader.

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