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The Bruins worst nightmare

After the Oilers hired Peter Chiarelli in April of 2015, Bruins fans thought his horrible negotiating skills had become Edmonton's problem. As it turns out, Bruins fans were wrong.

We all know David Pastrnak remains unsigned, as a restricted free agent. The same went for Leon Draisaitl of the Oilers until Wednesday, when PC handed him a new 8 year, $68M contract. That's $8.5M a year for a player who was drafted third overall in 2014, 22 picks before DP88 with similar career numbers and service time. Good ole Pete hasn't changed a bit, and he's still haunting the Bruins from 2,622 miles away from the TD Garden. The Draisaitl contract sets the market for Pastrnak a good amount higher than the 6 year, $36M offer the Bruins reportedly tabled to Pastrnak this offseason.

Let me start off by saying I personally want the Bruins to sign Pastrnak. I really do. Just like you are, I'm sick of seeing the Bruins young talent wearing different sweaters across the league. But is he an $8M/year player? That's a lofty number, even for someone as young and promising a goal scorer as DP88. In the past the Bruins have made a habit of overpaying, in both term and amount, for players that really only contribute in one aspect of the game. Milan Lucic and David Backes immediately come to mind, but to a lesser extent you can throw the likes of Zdeno Chara and David Krejci in there too. As of right now David Pastrnak fits that mold as well. The main differences being that Pastrnak is 21 years old and the aspect of the game that he excels at is arguably the most important and hard to find aspect in the game, putting the puck in the net. He is also the only true RW on the Bruins NHL roster.

But...if he insists on getting paid Draisaitl money, trading David Pastrnak may be the best move for the Bruins here.

The Bruins problem isn't that they trade all their young offensively gifted players. The Bruins problem is that they trade their young offensively gifted players and don't get anything worth a damn in return. If they can find a trade partner willing to give up a legitimate young top 4 defenseman that has top pair potential in exchange for Pastrnak, Sweeney will have to think long and hard about it. If the defenseman they'd theoretically receive is left handed, they have their Chara replacement. If said defenseman is right handed, it frees up Carlo to use in a trade for a Pastrnak replacement down the line or for the Chara replacement if some of Anders Bjork/Jake DeBrusk/Zach Senyshyn/Frank Vatrano/Danton Heinen/Jesse Gabrielle/Ryan Donato end up replacing Pastrnak adequately.

After all prediction is the Bruins sign Pastrnak for 8 years, $60M. I always hear Bruins fans say they wish the Bruins were run more like the Blackhawks. Well they were in the same situation with Artemi Panarin last offseason and they went with a 2 year bridge deal then traded him this offseason for old friend Brandon Saad. Maybe the Dallas Stars would be interested in something like that with the Bruins...

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