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No Kyrie, No Problem

The Boston Celtics have been trending upward lately, so it would be easy to jump on the bandwagon for trading for Cavs star point guard Kyrie Irving. A quick impulse would tell you that Kyrie would instantly make the Celtics an NBA Finals threat, dethroning the Cavs in the East. Upon further review, however, it would be in the Celtics best interest to stand pat with the roster they have now. 

Trading for Kyrie would actually set the Celtics back, short term and long term. It has been rumored that in a trade for Kyrie, the Celtics would need to give up a package close to IT, Jae Crowder, either the 2018 Nets 1st round pick or the 2018 LA first round pick, and even possibly Jaylen Brown or Jayson Tatum. This is far too much of a haul for the C's to part with if they want to be contenders this year and for many years to come. 

2016-17 stats:
Kyrie Irving- 25.2 ppg 47.3 fg% 40.3 3pt% 5.8 ast 3.2 reb
Isaiah Thomas- 28.9 ppg 46.3 fg% 37.9 3pt% 5.9 ast 2.7 reb

These stats show just how similar IT and Kyrie played last year, albeit with different play styles. With IT's impending pay raise coming next season and Kyrie being 3 years younger, a trade would be a no brainer if we were talking Kyrie for IT straight up. This isn't NBA 2k18 unfortunately. 

Adding in Jae Crowder alone would already tilt the trade towards the negative side in the eyes of the Celtics. While there are many Crowder critics out there, there is no denying the depth he brings this team, along with occasional hot shooting from the 3-pt range and lockdown defense. Pile that on with already losing Bradley's lockdown defense in a previous trade and we could be looking at a very different season. Then there is the fact Cleveland would be asking for one of the Celtics coveted 1st round draft picks in a year where there are very promising players to come out of the draft. 

When all is said and done, Kyrie will not be on the court this year rocking a green and white Celtics jersey. It just doesn't make sense for Danny Ainge. Celtics have what they want; a legitimate top 5 scorer, depth all down the roster and terrific defenders. They know their time will come soon in the East and making a trade that will eventually help their biggest competitor is not something Ainge is looking to do. So enjoy LeBron's last season in Cleveland Kyrie, Celtics will be just fine without you. 

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