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Giancarlo Stanton is all the rage these days. It seems like you can't go a day without witnessing one of his mammoth home runs defacing some statue of a flamingo in Marlin's Park. Reports have surfaced that the outfielder formally known as Mike has cleared waivers and can now be traded to any team in the league willing to pay the astronomical price it would likely cost to acquire him. If you're a Red Sox fan you know that Dave Dombrowski probably put in a feeler for Stanton months ago. If you're a Red Sox fan you just know Dave cannot help himself and it seems as if John Henry has given him free reign to run this farm system into the ground. 

Now don't get me wrong, it would be great to watch Stanton rip balls over the monster and onto the turnpike but I pose this question: Is it really worth it? The answer is NO! When is this organization going to stop? Prospects and young players are everything in today's game. Say what you want about Yoan Moncada's horrendous batting average, but let's re-evaluate the Chris Sale trade when Sale is a shell of his former self and Moncada is a perennial All-Star. Maybe Dombrowski should have traded Dustin Pedroia instead of trading the farm. The knee injuries just seem to keep cropping up for the little guy at this point. Dombrowski definitely shouldn't have traded Travis Shaw. You saw how that one turned out. 

I urge Dombrowski to proceed with caution. Don't live above your means. Don't ruin a good thing. Don't sacrifice three positions on the field for one guy. Championship teams are born because of good pitching and timely hitting. Stanton has never even played a playoff game. No one remembers his last timely hit. The fact is, Dombrowski will do anything to get his guy and none of the Red Sox brass are going to stop him. If you're a Red Sox fan, that should have you worried to no end. 

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