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Celtics Trade For Kyrie Irving

Danny Ainge shocked Celtics nation last night, trading away Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Ante Zizic and the 2018 Nets 1st rounder to the Cavs for Kyrie Irving. Just 3 short days ago, I was on this very site telling you how the C's didn't need Kyrie, oops. Now I'm not going to sit here and tell you how bad this trade was, or even worse, pull a 180 and start telling you how Kyrie will be our savior. Instead, I'll discuss some pros and cons of the trade and let you the reader decide for yourself.

Kyrie Irving is a 25 year old all-star point guard heading into his prime, at a very reasonable salary of $18.8 million this year. He has a two year deal with a player option for a 3rd year and the Celtics are expecting him to re-sign with the team. Compare this to Isaiah Thomas and you'll find that IT is 3 years older and can't help but to always mention "backing up the Brinks truck." IT wanted a max contract that would have given the C's no flexibility for the future. Irving gives the C's a little bit of cap relief over the next few years, all the while being one of the best point guards in the NBA. For those not convinced that $18.8 million is reasonable, look at Evan Turner's $17.1 million this year and get back to me. Trading for Irving also paves the way for potential young stars like Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum to get the playing time necessary for their developments.

Isaiah Thomas was the heart and soul of this Celtics team who just last season won 53 games, making it to the Eastern Conference Finals. He loved this team, city and fans, which always makes it tough for fans to see a player like that go. IT finished 3rd in the league in scoring last year and that proves to be no easy task to replace, even for Kyrie. Also in the trade was Jae Crowder. Crowder's defense will be missed in this lineup as well as his ability to add some depth to the roster. The final two trade pieces, Ante Zizic and the 2018 Nets 1st round pick, are unknowns currently, yet can become essential assets for the Cavs. The C's gave the Cavs the potential #1 pick in next years draft and a 20 year old 7 foot center in Zizic. This could help the rival Cavs rebuild if and when LeBron leaves them next year.

Trade Grade: B+
This has all the feelings of a rare trade that benefits both sides, now and in the future. Only time will tell if there is a true winner and loser. Until then, sit back and enjoy the ride. 

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